Here Is Where We Used To Sing

by Fovea Hex

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released April 18, 2011

Far From Here (Simonds)
Clodagh Simonds: vocals, piano, harmonium, other keyboards, kalimba, lyre oOo Michael Begg: mixed treatments

Play Another (Simonds)
Clodagh Simonds: vocals, piano, Maidenhall piano oOo Kate Ellis: cello oOo Cora Venus Lunny: violins oOo Michael Begg: mixed treatments

Falling Things (Where Does a Girl Begin?): (Simonds)
Laura Sheeran: lead vocals, saw oOo Clodagh Simonds: harmony vocals, piano, glass, bells arrangement oOo Cora Venus Lunny: violin oOo Kate Ellis: cello oOo Michael Begg: treated bells, electronic beds oOo Marco "il Bue" Schiavo: bowed cymbals oOo Brian Eno: Clock of the Long Now Bells

Every Evening (Simonds - Liles)
Clodagh Simonds: vocals, harmoniums, keyboards oOo Michael Begg: treated bells, electronic beds oOo Brian Eno: starry keyboards

Brisance, my Baby (Begg-Potter-Simonds)
Michael Begg: piano, dulcimer, glass, crystal, electronic beds oOo Clodagh Simonds: piano, ghosts of things
oOo Colin Potter: stretcher bearer

A Hymn to Sulphur (Simonds)
Clodagh Simonds: lead vocals, piano, electric piano, bowed piano oOo Laura Sheeran: additional vocals oOo Michael Begg: alchemy, wax oOo Marco "Il Bue" Schiavo: drums, percussion oOo Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo: guitars oOo Cora Venus Lunny: viola oOo Julia Kent: cello

Love for the Uncertain (Simonds)
Clodagh Simonds: pianos, bells, psaltery, assorted tinkerings oOo Colin Potter: sleight of ear

Jewelled Eyes (Simonds)
Kate Ellis: cellos oOo Clodagh Simonds: vocals

The Diamonds (Simonds)
Clodagh Simonds: vocals, lyre, psaltery, whistling things oOo Michael Begg: cristal, seashell chandelier, incidental noise

Celandine (Begg-Potter-Simonds)
Michael Begg: piano, electronic beds oOo Clodagh Simonds: kalimbas, bells oOo Colin Potter: ?

Still Unseen (Simonds)
Clodagh Simonds: vocals, piano, harmonium, oOo John Contreras: cello oOo Cora Venus Lunny: violins
oOo Michael Begg: mixed treatments

Strings arrangements by Clodagh Simonds
Kate Ellis and Cora Venus Lunny's strings on Play Another and Falling Things recorded by Johnny Bradshaw at Porchlight, Dublin
Laura Sheeran's vocals on Hymn to Sulphur and Falling Things recorded by Kevin Whyte at Mule, Dublin
Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo's guitars and Bue's drums and percussion recorded by Marco Milanesio at O.F.F., Turin

Recorded in Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy and America, and produced by Colin Potter and Clodagh Simonds at ICR Studios, Blackheath, London
24-bit digital mastering: Karel Kourek at RA Studio, Prague (



all rights reserved
Track Name: Far From Here
Some days when I awake I find my body light and hollow
the room is alive with song and I can hear but I can't quite follow
your day's begun - your smile's upon my face
and I'm undone - like a stone that rolls away
way down the face of the mountain
down down to the valley to dream of the faraway
the far-from-here and the mountain calling always.......
I never know the sun goes down - I only know that every morning is only a breath away
and days arrive and I get no warning - just reappear
your smile's upon my face all luminous while I'm here - but the glass is breaking always
Track Name: Play Another
Play another play someone say something all day long
don't go out without this charm, this flame so blue
to keep you just above the ground when the world is winter
oh the winter's here again, it's here again....
Track Name: Falling Things (Where Does A Girl Begin?)
You might look out - you might just live in a world of falling things
where does a girl begin?
for even the wind in the trees sings for everyone -
sings for everyone and leaves you without your name....
You might look up - you might just find your face in the falling rain
land in your place again as the rain falls down to the ground below
Begin again and listen in again for the streaming leaves bring you an air so fine
they're singing it low all this time
"o magnify - o magnify" all this time
You might recall some sunny day this other world of falling things,
raising your face.....and then I might fall calling your name as I'm streaming by
Track Name: Every Evening
Fade the days out.....
only evenings bring me something I'll remember
every evening we go strolling out of the house and all the way down to the shore
where the open air and the breathing sea and the wheeling night
can unfold us both till we shine like stars once more.......
every evening we go strolling out of the house and all the way down to the shore
Track Name: A Hymn To Sulphur
You are the roar
you are the surge of sirens at the door
you are the radiant heat behind the heart beat
you are the call to war
your face is aflame
I gaze and gaze again - fire in my veins ablaze again
Born of sea, I rise on the sea air
born of a wave and a breeze on a turquoise day
flung free by the blue green....
sometimes I wish, I wish I was born of sea
so I could gleam and swim and dive and shimmer wave after wave
oh but I was born red gold to this gaze of flame - we burn and we burn all day....
even as I blaze I will sing you love songs and praise
for when I call for somebody, somebody brings me my cup of joy
Track Name: Jewelled Eyes
Jewelled eyes dear Anne
you rival your chores again
like the waves on a strand
and all that time goes by
but it's in the way you sigh
as well as in the way they race
racing along this beach as young boys do
Track Name: The Diamonds
These were his words - how could I imagine otherwise?
here's what I heard, staring like a child into his eyes...
"How many times? how many more times shall I say such words?
shall I say strong words of love? Shall I, or fly above?
Fly like a bird back towards the middle of the lake -
see down below the diamonds in the middle of the lake forming a call
forming a high call...."
One glance for me. one window open wide. diamonds every time I fly.
Track Name: Still Unseen
a door's ajar -
there's where you are floating in a bar of light
waiting so quiet nobody knows - but I know you....
you'll wait for me, wait till I turn around before you move towards
before you glide all the way home....
home - where there's no spectator
home - where the fires have been burning all along
your home - refuge of warmth and of clemency
lay down your camera, oh cast it away
for a world in a fire is a fire in this world
and the overdue and the left unsaid and the still undone
become a film in a flame, then a glaze.... and then history